We already have a downloadable PDF on our website! Why switch to a fully online process?

A lot of practices have already started to make the move to digitising their enrolments by adding downloadable PDF forms to their websites. This means patients can:

  1. Find the form online
  2. Download the form
  3. Print the form
  4. Take a picture of ID to include, or take to the practice
  5. Fill out the form
  6. Scan the form
  7. Email back the form or drop the form back
  8. Potentially have errors on the form, and need to remedy this by either restarting the process, or going back into the practice.

With Rapid Rēhita, the process is a simple as possible. It's completed in the three easy steps, illustrated below.

(The simplicity of this process means that it's far more likely the completed enrolment form will actually end up at the practice).

Patients cannot legally electronically complete the PDF files on your site, which means they have to be printed, and scanned or dropped off. The Ministry of Health states a 'digital pen', (mouse or finger tips) must be used to sign enrolment forms. They also have provided further clarification that a 'copied and pasted' signature on an electronic enrolment form requires no involvement from the enrolling person and in that sense is not the same as a manual entry (in digital or ink format) so would NOT be acceptable.

Therefore it is important the practice uses a method that doesn't allow a signature to be ‘copied and pasted’. For example, signing an PDF on Adobe Acrobat Reader wouldn't be compliant, as that signature could have been copied and pasted.

Not all patients have printers/scanners to do this, and not many patients are keen to be driving around town to drop off forms, before they're actually sick. By using Rapid Rēhita, you can have validated enrolment forms (and personalised health questionnaires) delivered to your email inbox, without any substantial effort required by you, or your patients.

Finally, PDF forms are far less mobile-friendly than the Rapid Rehita system. Accessing, downloading and signing PDFs is hard to do on a phone, whereas our form has been designed to be mobile-friendly. Patients can easily receive the link via text or email, and when they click it they are taken to a mobile version of our sign-up form. They answer the questions, press submit, and their job is done as our system will automatically turn their answers into a neat PDF sent to your inbox of choice.

PDF forms may seem like a good solution at face-value but they create a far worse experience for patients that makes enrolments less likely to be completed and more likely to contain costly errors.

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