About Us

Rapid Rēhita provide technological solutions to New Zealand general practices.

Online Enrolments

Our flagship product offers online enrolments for general practices. Currently — although integration with practice management systems is being developed — this takes the form of emailing an enrolment form PDF (or, for practices using MedTech32, a compatible TIFF image) with supporting evidence to a practice email address after a new patient fills in a web form. This can then be checked and handled by administrative staff in accordance with the unique needs of your practice.

We can also collect, at the same time, a health questionnaire from enrolling patients. You can choose what questions to ask, or write your own specific to the needs of your practice population.

This has substantial benefits:

  • Error rates are substantially reduced, dramatically reducing costs. Because our form is developed in line with the latest usability research and offers automatic validation and error checking, patients find it much easier to complete the form accurately than on paper alternatives.
  • The form's dynamic nature makes it possible to collect valuable health information from patients who should provide it, while not confusing other patients with irrelevant options. For example, patients who identify as Māori can be asked for their iwi, while patients born in New Zealand before 2006 (who are automatically citizens) do not need to be asked for the basis of their entitlement to enrol.
  • Similarly, contextual help can be provided through expandable links at points which often confuse patients, minimising the burden on administrative staff.
  • The availability of online enrolments acts as a form of advertising for your practice. Patients can discover you by looking for GPs in your town or city and then enrol without needing to make a visit. (It is still possible to limit enrolments where required, for example to patients given an enrolment code or to holders of a particular format of ID number.) This is particularly valuable for practices with a high patient turnover, or those which struggle to reach unenrolled patients in their catchment.
  • Forms can be adapted to the particular needs of a practice, or easily be changed — for example, to add or remove the option to enrol with a particular practitioner — while still ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Try it out

You can view a demonstration version of our enrolment form here. This lets you see what patients will see, as well as the completed form.

If you like what you see, please contact us to discuss integrating your practice into our system. This can normally be done immediately after you provide some basic information.

If you know you want to start using our enrolment form, please fill out this form with your practice details, and we'll get your practice set up.


A basic package with an enrolment form costs $39 per month. We can add questions unique to your practice for $10 more, or a total of $49 per month. A complete package with an enrolment form, custom questions and a full health questionnaire with any questions you like costs $59 per month. Please contact us for details of pricing for custom solutions, such as integrating unlabelled enrolments on your website.

We are happy to discuss pricing discounts for particular practices that are likely to see less use, such as single-GP rural practices.

Other services

We also develop and offer other services to practices. These range from simple but useful to complex. One popular system, for example, allows practice employees to fill out timesheets online. Another simply converts PDF files to TIFF images so that administrators can avoid having to scan printed PDFs. We are happy to discuss producing other online services for your practice without or with limited development costs for you; our position is that if one practice feels the need for a particular service, others are likely to want it as well. Please feel free to contact us for a discussion, without obligation, of your particular needs.