Enrol with a general practice

You can enrol with a New Zealand GP online here. Enrolling with a GP is free and means you pay less for visits to the doctor.

Search for the general practitioner (GP) or practice where you would like to enrol, or browse through the list of all practices. If a practice restricts enrolments, you will need either a code given to you by the practice before you can enrol or some other piece of practice-specific information such as a student ID number.


Browse practices

Name Town Enrolling Status
Elstree Ave Family Doctors Auckland Enrolling all new patients
Kelburn GPs Wellington Restricted enrolments
Murupara Medical Centre Murupara Restricted enrolments
Ngāti Pikiao Health Services Rotorua Enrolling all new patients
Three Lakes Clinic Rotorua Restricted enrolments
Tiaho Medical Centre Rotorua Enrolling all new patients
Western Heights Health Centre Rotorua Restricted enrolments

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