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Prevent unrestricted enrolments by requiring patients to provide a code which your practice admin staff can generate.
TIFF files can be easily integrated with MedTech32, unlike PDF files.
Make it compulsory for new patients to enter an email address which you can use to contact them
Add a required step to the form to collect the occupation of new patients.
Require patients over one year old who do not have a Community Services Card to provide evidence of their identity and eligibility to enrol.
Please note that this measurably decreases completion rates and is likely not required for many patients, whose NHI record will already show their eligibility.
Ask patients about their smoking status during enrolment.


Offer patients the chance to choose to enrol with a particular doctor or nurse practitioner
You can add practitioners here if you want patients to be able to choose to enrol with a particular practitioner. If you leave the NZMC field blank, the default NZMC field will be used.

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